Reflect: Take a moment and return to the resources provided in this section of the Communicate skill and the ongoing exploration of communication practices in the online environment.

Answer: How do communication practices in the online environment correlate to effective feedback? Why is authentic feedback important for online learners? In what ways might an instructor enrich a student’s online experience through feedback?

Since students and instructors don’t meet face-to-face in a traditional classroom environment, feedback on given work is often the only interaction they’ll have with their instructor. This is clearly why feedback is so important and must be specific and detailed in order to be effective. An instructor could certainly enrich a student’s online experience through feedback by making them feel valued and appreciated for their hard work on an assignment, or alternately, an instructor can provide additional assistance when needed.

Communication practices and feedback go hand-in-hand since feedback is a primary mode of communication for online instructors. Just as instructors need to communicate often and clearly with parents and students, feedback needs to be administered in the same way.