Consider the following standards:

Standard B: The online teacher understands and is able to use a range of technologies, both existing and emerging, that effectively support student learning and engagement in the online environment.

Standard I: The online teacher demonstrates competency in using data from assessments and other data sources to modify content and to guide student learning.

Standard K: The online teacher arranges media and content to help students and teachers transfer knowledge most effectively in the online environment.

Answer in a complete paragraph response: How has the Navigate module prepared you to meet each standard listed above? Link to or provide specific examples from your work in Navigate. What strategies will you take away from the Participate module and apply to your teaching?  What lessons were most beneficial for you?

I found Navigate as a whole to be extremely beneficial in that it covered the “how-to” of online teaching. Without an understanding of an LMS, it would be impossible to be an effective online educator. The strategies that I will take away from this lesson include, but are not limited to: how to load course content into an LMS, choosing an LMS, and the importance of synchronous versus asynchronous learning. I found these strategies and teachings to be very beneficial to the future of digital education.