Create: Develop a digital resource which addresses the following questions.

1. What is the most important step we can take in terms of ensuring our digital safety?

Students (and teachers) should be taught to use different passwords across all sites and to ensure that their passwords are random and difficult. Passwords should be changed frequently and students should never share their passwords with each other or with their teachers. Additionally, one must always be aware of whether or not the site they are on is secure. Students should be shown how to double check for this.

2. What strategies can we take to help our students consistently keep digital safety in the forefront of their minds?

Students can be reminded to change their passwords to digital learning sites once per quarter or term. Teachers can also help ensure online safety by providing direct links to reputable sites online. Additionally, teaching students how to properly use search engines can also help keep students safe online.

Answer: How might your artifact be implemented in a learning environment?

Classroom teachers can post the popular T.H.I.N.K. poster in their classrooms while online educators can keep it “posted” on their website.