Create: Create a digital calendar containing scheduled appointments designed to improve digital health. Embed the calendar (or include a screenshot of the calendar) in your blog.

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Answer: How did you modify your technology habits? What is the most proactive means of ensuring the most balanced blend of technology and well-being? What can students and teachers do to make sure they get the most from technology while simultaneously safeguarding good health?

While working on the computer I try to employ a 50/50 rule: 50% sitting and 50% standing. If I stand for too long I’ll get tired but if I sit for too long I’ll get stiff, so I try to balance both while working online. There are many ways to be proactive about this such as setting reminders on your phone to get up and stretch or take a walk every so often. Teachers can encourage their students to do the same by showing them how to use their smartphones to accomplish this task.