In a blog post, describe the results of researching your level of access to digital resources. Respond to the following questions:

Answer: What types of barriers might impede students’ opportunities to access digital learning? What might we do to eliminate such barriers?

As an educator and digital citizen I am lucky to have a great range of access to digital resources. At home, I have a laptop and a desktop computer, and my husband and I both have smartphones that can easily access the internet. However, as a teacher I am always aware that not all of my students have access to the same resources. When requiring students to complete assignments online, it’s essential to either give them time in class (on a computer) or library time to help them get started. Additionally, most libraries are located near public schools, thus giving students additional opportunities to work online. By helping students find and get signed up at their local library, we can help eliminate the barriers that bar them from digital learning.