Research: Complete the web-based walkabout and collect and categorize sources of embed code, software, web tools, and services that make online teaching more engaging, efficient, and effective.

Artifact: Describe the walkabout experience in your blog and add a link to the list of social-bookmarked resources compiled during the exploration.

Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 2.22.21 PM

Answer: What were the three most useful tools or resources resulting from the web walkabout? How can students be taught to safely collect tools and resources that can help them maximize their learning? What policies or procedures might need to be in place to make this possible?

The three most useful tools that I discovered were Zooniverse, Academic Earth, and Discovery Education.

First and foremost students need to be aware of which types of websites contain the most trustworthy resources. By starting with a quick lesson that discusses the rules of digital citizenship, teachers can ensure that students will actively search for .org, .gov., or .edu, before looking anywhere else. After this intro, students can be sent on their own digital walkabout to collect resources they can utilize throughout the school year.