Artifact: Share a link to your bookmarks in your blog. (NB. Google bookmarks links are not publicaly available.  If using Google bookmarks, please include a screenshot of your links in your blog.) After bookmarking three likely DLCs, reflect for a moment on which one of the five is most worthy of joining. Join one of the DLCs from the list (or another of personal interest). Consider how citizens in an online environment find a reputable digital community that aligns with their particular interests and needs.

Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 2.22.21 PM

Answer: What is the name of the DLC joined and the reason why the DLC was the most intriguing? What traits made the DLCs explored more noticeable or impressive than the others? What is the DLC like? What can Digital Citizens do to make the process of joining a DLC more appealing to and easier for students?

As an educator I used Edmodo and am currently still a member of the DLC. Edmodo is an incredible resource for teachers and students alike. With a social media feel to it, students can navigate the site with ease and familiarity. Teachers can post assignments and provide students a place to submit them. Teachers can also post discussions, links, polls, and reminders. One of the best parts for students is that Edmodo has a free app they can download on their phone, making it easy to get reminders for assignments, ask questions to the teacher, etc. The easiest way to get students on Edmodo is to schedule a lab day and have the teacher help each student get set up. For an online learning environment, teachers can post screenshots and helpful information in order to get students signed up.