Research: As discussed throughout the quest, collecting or curating learning objects, resources, and learning material enriches the e-learning environment. Research and identify two tools that can be used to aggregate and present learning material, other than the two mentioned in the lesson. Link to the two tools in your blog.

Moodle free, easy to use and navigate, may not be as highly specialized as Articulate

Articulate Storylinenot free but creates high quality material

Answer: Thinking about instructional design, how does each tool benefit the learner by aggregating and presenting material in a cohesive manner? Are there drawbacks to the tools you researched?

Each of these tools benefits the learner in a multitude of ways. Articulate Storyline aggregates learning material in a way that makes it easy for students to access at their own pace. Moodle does the same, but is not as detailed as Articulate. However, both present material in a cohesive manner and allow students to sift through learning objects in an organized way.