Answer: How might an online or blended classroom teacher use Fair Use when gathering resources for educational purposes? What observations have you made about Fair Use and the TEACH Act and how has it changed your approach to finding reliable content for your students?

In 2017 it is easy to go online and simply copy and paste something. However, this is neither morally nor legally right, especially in the classroom. While some resources are available for free and are allowed to be replicated and reproduced for classroom use, other resources are more protected. Fair Use governs the use of educational or literary materials in the classroom and sort of gives teachers leeway when “copying and pasting” from the internet. Some resources are able to be copied or reproduced in part, if credit is given, and other resources, such as pieces of literature, are able to be utilized in small chunks for educational purposes.

As an educator I have always searched for the highest quality material for my students, whether in print or on the internet. I only utilize what is legally available and what is considered reproducible under the Fair Use Act.