Create: Using your lesson topic, create an assessment that allows students to produce a summative assessment product using web tools. Isolate one web tool that aligns with differentiation and student assessment. Post the tool to your blog. Create detailed instructions explaining to students the assessment requirements. Then, create a sample product that uses the web tool to guide your students.

Artifact: Link to the sample product in your blog.

Thinglink Summative Assessment Instructions

Thinglink Summative Assessment Sample

Answer:  How do you plan to use the tool effectively with students? How does the tool differentiate the assessment? Explain.

By using Thinglink, there is a natural element of differentiation present as students can really customize the assignment any way they choose. Teachers can also offer different “levels” in the instructions, prompting students to add additional information, embed videos, outside links, etc. This would allow students to perform at varying levels on the assignment and also to demonstrate what they’ve learned. When I used this tool in my classroom with my students, I received many different types of responses – most of which demonstrated great creativity and a deep knowledge of the subject matter.