Research: Find ten instructional websites that offer a variety of opportunities for learners.  Link to each website considered in your blog.

Answer:  Which sites exemplify sound design ideals?  Why?  Which sites do not adhere to the design elements discussed in this lesson? Why?

Good Examples

1. GA Virtual Learning – easy to find what you’re searching for; layout is simple; easy to navigate

2. CK-12 – simple design, easy to find features, relevant pictures and information

3. Mountain Heights Academy – simple, modern, clean design; very easy to find what you’re looking for

4. Shmoop – although there are ads, they don’t really detract from the content; easy to locate content, search for help

5. ReadWriteThink – very easy to navigate, clear resources, simple design

Bad Examples

6. Cool Math Gamesblack background makes it hard to focus; ads on site; bright colors are distracting

7. Sparknotes – too many distractors such as ads, social media content, and pop culture content

8. Toporopa – objective of site may not be clear to students, little explanation or navigation provided

9. Learn Your Tables – design is unconventional and makes it difficult to concentrate, hard to tell where to start, where to go next, etc.

10. Number Gossip – interesting concept, may not work as an open resource but could work if used purposefully for a lesson

Artifact: Provide a screenshot of 2 websites considered to offer a compare and contrast of design elements.

Mountain Heights Academy & Cool Math Games