iNacol, the International Association for Online Learning, publishes Standards for Quality Online Teaching.

Consider the following standards:

Standard D: The online teacher promotes student success through clear expectations, prompt responses, and regular feedback.

Standard G: The online teacher demonstrates competencies in creating and implementing assessments in online learning environments in ways that ensure validity and reliability of the instruments and procedures.

Standard H: The online teacher develops and delivers assessments, projects, and assignments that meet standards-based learning goals and assesses learning progress by measuring student achievement of the learning goals.

Standard I: The online teacher demonstrates competency in using data from assessments and other data sources to modify content and to guide student learning.

Answer in a complete paragraph response: How has the Evaluate module prepared you to meet each standard listed above? Link to or provide specific examples from your work in Evaluate. What strategies will you take away from the Evaluate module and apply to your teaching?  What lessons were most beneficial for you?

As a classroom teacher I constantly integrated technology into my curriculum. I often provided feedback for online assignments on my various Edmodo pages. My students participated in online discussions and often worked online while in my classroom. Therefore, while completing this module I felt that many of my classroom teaching practices were aligned with the examples provided in regards to individualized feedback, competencies and rubrics, student data tracking, and creating formative and summative assessments.