Reflect: Review the artifacts above on student enrollments and student progress in the course.

Answer: How might the teacher adjust the course in the future based on the previous activity of these students? What uses does data have for online instruction? What advantages do teachers who utilize data have over those that do not?

In the LMS color-coded grid it shows several students who have completed very few assignments. Based on the sample contact log, it appears as though the teacher actively contacts parents when students are performing poorly (and even when they are doing well). Keeping constant contact with parents is one way to boost a student’s performance in the course.

As far as using data for online instruction, if teachers are to create authentic curriculum and assessments for their students, it is essential to look at the data in order to determine what the lessons should focus on. For instance, if a teacher utilizes the first week or two of school to collect data on student performance regarding the use of Rhetorical Devices in AP Literature, they can then use the data they have collected to drive instruction, thus ensuring they are catering to their student’s needs, and not just teaching the subject broadly. As noted, this is an advantage for teachers because they are providing students with meaningful instruction based on their needs.