Create: For this section, set up a competency structure using standards for one unit of your sample course. Associate the assignments in that unit with the competency.

Artifact: Submit both a screenshot of the structure and a detailed explanation of why you created the structure that way. Include a discussion of the various pathways a student may go through to attain the competencies in the unit and document all in your blog.

Below is a sample competency structure for an 11th grade English class. Students are expected to write a sample and/or real college entrance essay while adhering to the topic from their chosen University. Students may complete this competency by submitting multiple drafts to the teacher as well as participating in revising/editing sessions. The competency structure is set up this way so as to follow a traditional path for writing, revising, and submitting an essay. Additionally, students may choose to use this essay to actually apply to a college of their choice. This coincides with many standards for the 11th/12th grade ELA curriculum. 

Screenshot 2017-04-10 at 2.56.45 PM